A CB Shop in Richmond Hill, GA!

The CB SHOP is located right off I-95 at exit 87 in the lovely state of Georgia

In mid-July of this year, I relocated back to Upstate NY from Jacksonville, FL. I don’t recall exactly why I got off this exit but that’s not important. What’s important is the CB Shop I came across. Right out of the blue! This was a rare site to see. So rare that I had to take a picture of it. I didn’t really have time to go in and check it out. But trust me, I really wanted to. Part of me wished I had because I still wonder what it looked like inside. I was more afraid of getting into a long conversation and loosing daylight lol. I’m not a fan of driving long distances during the night.

Prior to becoming a ham radio operator I was into CB radios like many of you were. The first CB radio I had was a Radio Shack model. I don’t remember which one it was but it had 40 channels. I ran it with a K40 antenna. The K40 was the ABSOLUTE KING of CB antennas! Not only could it get out like nobody’s business BUT it was also a full time landscaper. What’s that mean??? If you ever owned a K40 antenna you probably have at least a dozen stories of this antenna hitting hanging branches and bushes. I mean this antenna lived to destroy anything under 12 feet lol. Equally destructive was the 120lbs pull mag-mount that the K40 came with. This thing would take your fingers clean off or lift the Empire State Building right off the ground with King Kong!

What was your CB handle? I would love to discuss “handles” as it relates to CB radio. It’s so interesting hearing the story behind the handle. Feel free to comment on TheBig94 website or the 94 repeater. My handle was Thacher. This was very fitting because back in my CB days in the late 90’s and early 2000’s I made many drives up to Thacher Park. This was the best spot in the entire area for long distance radio communication. Plus the view at the lookout area was always stunning. I remember being up there during the night talking to other CBers all over the place while I listened to The Phil Hendrie Show and Coast to Coast AM. Both radio programs were on the legendary 810WGY. But that was prior to Sept. 11th. Now Thacher Park has “till dusk to dawn” hours. It is also a wonderful place to go with your ham radio. Portable or mobile, it does not matter. You will be very impressed.

Thacher Park lookout area

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