Tech Tuesday to Return

Back when I worked at Lite 98.7 and Q103, I published a weekly blog called Tech Tuesday. It’s not hard to guess what it was about. It was about Tech and it came out on Tuesday, pretty straight forward, right? Well after I left Lite 98.7, and Q103 was kind enough to let me go for budget cuts (Hey how those ratings now guys? Still not bitter…), I did the blog for a little bit on my own but then kind of retired it. And life got a little more busy with a new job and the schedule it demanded so, I just never came back to it. Till now…

Starting December 1st, Tech Tuesday will be returning on it’s new home, I’ll be sharing some neat stuff I find and giving a little bit of my thoughts and humble opinions on things happening in the world of tech and the tech culture. Fair warning, I reserve the right to get a little spicy with my topics and you are of course free to reply, but don’t take it personal if I don’t respond to you. And if I do, I will do it on a respectful manner if we disagree. That is something that is sorely lacking on social media in my opinion. And damn it, I’ll not have it on my featured blog! Harumph!

-’nuff said..

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