TheBIG94 QR code!

Robert Isby K2RHI, is the control operator for TheBIG94 repeater 146.940. His dedication, hard work and expertise behind the scenes is one of many reasons why TheBIG94 is the premier ham radio repeater in the capital region. It has amazing audio, a gigantic footprint and top notch equipment. Plus, it’s one of the oldest repeaters in the entire country! A true flagship for the Amateur Radio service.

If you would like to support TheBIG94 repeater and website, please consider donating. It has never been easier! Simply scan the QR code with your smartphone to make a donation. Your continued support is greatly appreciated within the ham radio community.

One thought on “TheBIG94 QR code!

  1. Terry KD2WIV

    Great repeater with a great group of people.. A pleasure to support the cause , please due the same. Thanks to Bob for all the hard work and dedication.


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