Pictures from Field Day 2021

We had a really great turn out for the first BIG94 Field Day! The event took place from 2pm until 8:30pm at the Halfmoon Lighthouse Park in Waterford, New York on Saturday June 26th. A handful of ham radio operators arrived around noon time to help secure the site and setup equipment. Everyone had a wonderful time making contacts on the HF bands, socializing, eating, sharing stories with other like minded individuals and meeting new people. It was a windy warm beautiful June day. Perfect for Field Day! All attendees operated under W2FW. We were a 2 Delta in Eastern New York.

“CQ FIELD DAY, CQ FIELD DAY, CQ FIELD DAY…Whiskey2FoxtrotWhiskey – 2 Delta – EchoNovemberYankee”

If you were at our event and have additional pictures or videos that you would like added to the photo gallery, send me an email I will gladly put them on TheBIG94 website!

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