The Oreo Cookie

Many years ago while I was pouring an ice cold glass of whole milk from Stewart’s and grabbing a sleeve of Oreo’s the size of a quarter wave, it occurred to me that the Oreo cookie had an antenna on it. Smack dead center! On both sides of the cookie! A two element beam, so obvious that it was invisible. It didn’t take me long to realize that the Oreo cookie was going to be the the official cookie for amateur radio!

Do you like the Oreo logo? Their signature font is absolutely beautiful and so is their blue coloring. I mean just look at that beautiful picture above. It is unmistakable to millions of people. This is the power of branding!

So, how do you eat an Oreo cookie? I like to put mine on a spoon and dunk it into the milk until it slightly soggy. Not soggy to the point it’s coming apart in the milk, but soggy enough where it’s not crunchy anymore. That is the most unbelievable way to eat an Oreo cookie. What’s your method?

Last week I was looking around online for an Oreo cookie t-shirt. I found this one above but it was out of stock. The design is amazing! I’ll keep checking the inventory. Hopefully these t-shirts are available again soon. I really want one! Do you?